Friday, July 25, 2014

Setting up a small business network is as easy as 123

Setting up a small business computer network is pretty much easier now-a-days as compared to 10 year ago. Networking peripherals and software are evolved to be more user-friendly. It was a costly affair to setup a business network for a small office few years ago, but now it’s pretty much easier and a trouble free job.

Why you should setup small businessnetwork

Setting up a network help you to share resources among users
Setting up a business network saves you a large amount of money on long run. You can share pretty much every peripheral in office, including printers, scanners and internet connection. It also increases productivity among users by allowing them to share documents over the local network. 

Wired or wireless?

More and more equipments are providing wireless connectivity these days and also play an important role in everyday business activities. Smart phones, Tablet computers, Laptops and even printers support Wi-Fi connectivity these days, therefore it is better to go wireless. Moreover, going wireless means lesser volume of clutter in office as you don’t have to deal with wires and cables going one peripheral to another. You can also install network storage drives on small business network to store your data centrally at one place.
To set up a wireless network, you will need a wireless router linked to broadband connection, and a server attached with it to control the network rights and permissions. 

Securing your network!

Your network should be password protected to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. A good antivirus with firewall capabilities should also be installed on the server to protect your network from Viruses, Malware and Trojan attack. Invest in one of the best network security tool for your business network as it will secure your network as well as your data.

For further information on setting upsmall business network, call AllTech Networks at: or mail us at

Thursday, July 10, 2014

PHP Development Service at AllTech Networks

Today is the era of advanced technology and everybody want to be on top. Business tycoons want to promote their business globally. This is the reason they want user friendly, attractive, easy to navigate and cost-effective website. PHP is open source programming language that can solve all requirements of users and allow users to access services. PHP is a free developer environment therefore developing a dynamic website on PHP is always cheaper. To increase efficiency of your online ecommerce shop, PHP Development is the right key.

AllTech Networks offers PHP Development service for ecommerce sites, CMS based environment and other specialized online portals. We deliver right solution with highest quality of services. “Alltech Networks” is one stop shop for your entire IT Services requirement. Contact us for PHP Development, SEO service and website designing needs. Call us at 301-660-6830 for free quote on PHP Development and SEO services.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wordpress: A perfect blogging tool to be in touch with your customers effortlessly

Being in touch with the customers is first priority of every business owner. There are several tools and procedures to achieve this aim. Sending newsletters, mailers, greetings are old world techniques and are now on the verge of extinction. Today is the day of internet and e-mailer are the most preferred medium of communication. But here also, your messages get stuck in between the pile of spam and junk messages.

Blog is one of the best methods to convey your message and be in touch with your customers. Through blog, you can keep your customers updated with latest information, news, offers and development about your company or store. Customers can take part in surveys, post their views and get engaged with you directly through your blog. Wordpress is an open source platform developed specifically for blogging. It’s completely customizable and robust blogging environment, where you can design the interface to match your branding strategy. You can add additional pages to display your product range, contact and company information etc. Your customers can subscribe to your blog and get latest information about your company through newsletter.

At AllTech Networks, we have a team of professional designers and developers, providing Wordpress blog development service for individuals and professionals. We ensure that your blog portray a positive image of your brand and should be SEO friendly, so that it can reach maximum number of targeted audience. Apart from Wordpress blog development, AllTech Networks also provides SEO services, e-commerce development, networkingsolutions and cloud computing service

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Content Filtering: Another option to increase productivity and reduce cost

Content Filtering, is a process to prevent access to certain websites or information, which may be harmful if opened or accessed. The most common items to filter are unwanted programs or websites. Content filtration s can be done through both software and hardware. Content filters are also a part of Internet firewalls. Content Filtering is also used to implement company policies related to internet usage. For example, it's a common business practice to block Social Networking Sites, Torrent sites and pornographic materials.

By restricting the access to these websites, employers can reduce the time wasted on these websites and the reduced burden on internet bandwidth results to cost reduction also. Moreover, sometimes a malware or virus spread through these dangerous websites, content filtering also saves your precious network from malware or virus attacks. For home users, content filters saves your child from internet predators and help you control the web activities of your kids.

There are few good but free content filtering software available on internet. One of the software DansGuardian is across platform software easily available to download from: DansGuardian is extremely configurable and easy to install. It allows you to do block objectionable images, filter ads, block unsafe file downloading and block unsafe websites too. Files from being downloaded by extension type, and control the effects of the filters, whitelists, and more based on which computer on your network is doing the accessing. You can deploy different filters for different computers based on domain, user, and source IP so your high school student doesn't get the same ultra-filtered content your elementary student does.

A business organization needs professional Content Filtering software coupled with the right hardware to protect their business network. "AllTech Networks" provides content filtering and firewall installation service in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Visit our website for more information on content filtering and firewall installation.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Magento Website Development

Magento is an open source e-commerce web application launched in March 2008. It is now a very popular content management system which is based on PHP. Magento WebsiteDevelopment environment is most preferred ecommerce website development tool due to the availability to wide variety of free and paid extensions. These extensions can be used to enhance the usability and functioning of website. Being an open source platform, its easy to modify, develop and implement customized extensions and features for Magento.

Magento uses MySQL for database support and offers secure environment to setup online store. With Graphical User Interface, help through various forums and communities, a novice user or business owner can learn to manage their online store easily. Magento based websites can be configured easily to accept online payments.

Now you can take your store online with the help on AllTech Networks. We provide Magento Website Development service at affordable rates. Our expert programmers and designers can produce beautiful web layout for your store. Our clients are always happy with the excellent after sale support we provide. For a nominal monthly charge, we can provide you with the maintenance service for your online store, where we will make additions, deletions or modifications to your product list. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to select right VPS Hosting service for Businesses?

VPS refers to Virtual Private Server, which means you share physical server hardware with other customers. In other words, VPS Hosting means divide a physical server in to several logical virtual servers and each of them is private. Virtual Private Server is an extension to your computer which is always online, and can be accessed from anywhere. You can install various software of your choice on VPS. In case you are working from your colleagues computer, or at a public network and you need to access your personal files, You can log on to your VPS and access your data from there. Virtual Private Servers are completely safe, secure & reliable these days and with the increased speed of internet, it’s easy to work on VPS now. 

Your VPS Hosting provider should have latest hardware installed on server for faster access and file processing. Server should be secured with network security software, anti-virus and firewall. And most importantly, 100% uptime guarantee is a must so that you can access your data at any time and from anywhere. 

Some more key features of a reliable VPS Hosting service are:
Fast Speed: To handle multiple file sharing request simultaneously.
Flexibility: To increase or decrease dedicated web space as per requirements.
Control: Customer should have complete control and authority over his VPS.
Technical Support: 24/7 technical support for customer convenience.
Reliability: Reliability is one of the major factors that you cannot ignore in any case. A cheap VPS service provider may cost you a lot in long run. But a secure and reliable server at few dollor more will be a better choice.

AllTech Networks is a leading VPS service provider in Maryland serving business owners and corporate since 2006. Our dedicated and experienced staff is always ready to serve you in your requirements. We provide various VPS Hosting plans as per customers requirements and needs. Visit us at for more information.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Small Business IT Technical Support

“AllTech Networks” offers IT Technical Support service to small sized businesses in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. We provide complete IT management and technical support services including network management, firewall installation, network setup, cloud services, IT hardware management and related service to our clients. We also offer Computer System Maintenance, On-Site Service, Data Backup Solution, Web site development and Web Designing services etc. 

We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals working toward maintaining your business network and ensuring that your workflow goes smoothly, without any trouble. We perform routine test on your business network to ensure that your computer network remains virus and malware free. We also provide cloud hosting and cloud management service so that your precious data remains secure and safe even in worst case scenario. Visit  for more information on our service and solutions we offer.