Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SEO Success Pyramid

This is a nice SEO pyramid that can be used as a checklist on a SEO project. Main components of this pyramid are commitment, patience and planning. Read more at: http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/the-seo-success-pyramid/971/

Art of Link Building in SEO

Rather than having enormous internal and external links to/from your website - you should be thinking about how to best use links - Always start with on-site navigation. Upkeep of your internal links are more important that people who are linking to you.

On-site navigation should follow these rules:
  • Always use absolute (fully spelled out) URLs
  • Always use fully-embedded HTML links for navigation
  • Always include an HTML sitemap for sites with more than 10 pages
  • Always use meaningful, relevant, but concise anchor text on internal links
  • NEVER attempt to prevent a unique page from being crawled or indexed
Badly designed on-site navigation usually incorporates one or more of the following mistakes:
  • Mixing formats of relative URLs (rather than using only absolute URLs)
  • Incorporating non-existent directories in the URL paths (bad taxonomy)
  • Incorporating unnecessary parameters in the URLs (bad taxonomy)
  • Using bland anchor text or images as anchors
  • Hiding links in onMouseOver-managed text blocks, Javascript-fired objects, and other transient content
  • Failing to link consistently and uniformly on every page
  • Using “rel=’nofollow’” on internal links
  • Using “noindex” and/or “noarchive” robots directives on tag or category pages
  • Creating only XML sitemaps for large sites (rather than HTML sitemaps)
Your inbound anchor text priorities should focus on creating brand visibility and value. The best use for link anchor text is to show people that you have a Website that is important and valuable to them. If you try to prove you’re important and valuable to search engines you’re missing golden opportunities to work with visitors.

Read more on - http://www.seo-theory.com/2011/01/14/how-best-to-use-links-for-seo/#comments