Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wordpress: A perfect blogging tool to be in touch with your customers effortlessly

Being in touch with the customers is first priority of every business owner. There are several tools and procedures to achieve this aim. Sending newsletters, mailers, greetings are old world techniques and are now on the verge of extinction. Today is the day of internet and e-mailer are the most preferred medium of communication. But here also, your messages get stuck in between the pile of spam and junk messages.

Blog is one of the best methods to convey your message and be in touch with your customers. Through blog, you can keep your customers updated with latest information, news, offers and development about your company or store. Customers can take part in surveys, post their views and get engaged with you directly through your blog. Wordpress is an open source platform developed specifically for blogging. It’s completely customizable and robust blogging environment, where you can design the interface to match your branding strategy. You can add additional pages to display your product range, contact and company information etc. Your customers can subscribe to your blog and get latest information about your company through newsletter.

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