Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off-Site SEO - Content is King!

Off Site Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving page ranks without making changes to the page itself. For example, I can positively or negatively impact a business by adding comments in favor or against a website. I can force millions of directory submissions which can link back to your page. One of the biggest advantage of Off Site SEO is that it directly affects the page rank. So determination is based on how many other websites link back or refer to your website. The more no. of link backs, the higher rank the website gets. So it all depends upon the content of your website and what articles are referring back to you.

  • Content: The basic necessity for effective Off site SEO is for your website to have useful and good content. The Off Site SEO depends a lot on this. Many websites provide links on their webpage for reference purposes. If the content of your site is good, some websites can refer to your page which will earn you points in terms of page ranking without actually having to do anything on yourself. A website with good content in itself can get links to it and hence a high rank.
  • Link Exchange: A link exchange is just as the name suggests, linking to another page in exchange of that page linking back to yours. With the amount of information available on the World Wide Web, there will be many websites that deal with the same topic as your own. Doing a link exchange with such websites will not only get you a good rank but also traffic.
  • Article Submission: Another way is to submit articles to directories with a high page ranking. Many directories offer free article hosting and let you provide link to your website on your profile displayed alongside the article.
  • Forum Signatures: Many forums allow you to post links in the signature. Whenever you reply to any thread, the link to your websites is displayed in your signature.
These are the very basic Off Site SEO techniques to help the rank of your website. There are even more advance techniques that you can research about and implement.
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