Thursday, May 29, 2014

Content Filtering: Another option to increase productivity and reduce cost

Content Filtering, is a process to prevent access to certain websites or information, which may be harmful if opened or accessed. The most common items to filter are unwanted programs or websites. Content filtration s can be done through both software and hardware. Content filters are also a part of Internet firewalls. Content Filtering is also used to implement company policies related to internet usage. For example, it's a common business practice to block Social Networking Sites, Torrent sites and pornographic materials.

By restricting the access to these websites, employers can reduce the time wasted on these websites and the reduced burden on internet bandwidth results to cost reduction also. Moreover, sometimes a malware or virus spread through these dangerous websites, content filtering also saves your precious network from malware or virus attacks. For home users, content filters saves your child from internet predators and help you control the web activities of your kids.

There are few good but free content filtering software available on internet. One of the software DansGuardian is across platform software easily available to download from: DansGuardian is extremely configurable and easy to install. It allows you to do block objectionable images, filter ads, block unsafe file downloading and block unsafe websites too. Files from being downloaded by extension type, and control the effects of the filters, whitelists, and more based on which computer on your network is doing the accessing. You can deploy different filters for different computers based on domain, user, and source IP so your high school student doesn't get the same ultra-filtered content your elementary student does.

A business organization needs professional Content Filtering software coupled with the right hardware to protect their business network. "AllTech Networks" provides content filtering and firewall installation service in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Visit our website for more information on content filtering and firewall installation.

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